July Reading Wrap-Up

July Reading Wrap Up:
Books Read: 20
Rereads: 7
ARCs: 4
E-Books: 5
Physical Books: 1
Audiobooks: 14

Hi, everyone and welcome to my July Reading Wrap-Up! Monthly Wrap-Ups are something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, so I finally decided to start it! August has been a little crazy, though, which is why this is coming a little later than I would have liked. Regardless, July was a really great month, and I hope yours was too!

Favorite Reads

Choosing a favorite read in July was certainly a difficult task (though I mean, it is every month cause I’m so indecisive), but eventually I was able to narrow it down to these three books: Odder Still, The Long Game, and Presidential Chaos.

Odder Still: This is a book I stumbled by on accident, and I am so, so glad I did. Odder Still’s world is richly built with gorgeous descriptions so vivid, I could almost imagine I was there in the story. Also, not only were the characters well-developed, they were all distinct and unique. I loved it so much! If you’d like to hear my full thoughts on Odder Still, you can read about it here: Odder Still (Tour Post/Review) Purchase it: on Amazon

The Long Game: I have to admit that my expectations for this book were incredibly low before I started. I’ve read so many books that create intricate and deeply thought out relationships, only to ruin them with a sequel that is subpar or filled with unnecessary angst. I’m so happy to say that the Long Game was not like that at all. The sequel to the much beloved Heated Rivalry, this book follows Shane and Ilya as they navigate their secret relationship. While there were certainly struggles in this book, that’s not all that the Long Game entailed. There were plenty of sweet and endearing moments between Shane and Ilya, which I was so excited about. All in all, it was an amazing sequel and I am so glad I read it. Purchase it: on Amazon

Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos: Presidential Chaos is the third and final book in the Frat Wars series by Saxon James. All three books were lots of fun, but Presidential Chaos was just great. The main couple were so sweet, and the build up to their relationship was perfect. While this one had a bit more of a serious tone to it than the previous two, there were still plenty of shenanigans to be had. It was an amazing conclusion to a seriously fun series, and I can’t recommend it enough! You can read my full review here: Presidential Chaos (Tour Post/Review) Purchase it: on Amazon

All three of these books were five star reads, and ones I highly recommend to you all!

Five Star Reads

The CU Hockey series was a reread, but Heartstopper 4 was entirely new to me. This one might be my favorite of the series so far! It still kept that wholesome quality while handling some really heavy topics. I absolutely loved how it was done!

Five Star Reads

So, I can’t mention the CU Hockey series without raving about how much I adore Line Mates & Study Dates. Asher and Kole’s relationship is everything, and the book is so, so good. Also, the Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School is such a fantastic addition to the YA Queer genre. This is one I desperately wish I had when I was younger, but I’m still so happy to have it now. Please do be advised that there is a suicide attempt by a side character further on in the book. It’s off page, but it was completely unexpected for me, so I wanted to warn others who might be sensitive to that topic.

Five Star Reads

Both Heated Rivalry and Role Model were rereads in preparation for the Long Game, and wow did I love them just as much the second (or third…or fourth…) time around! Heated Rivalry is my ultimate enemies-to-lovers book, with the perfect amount of tension and build up. Role Model on the other hand is a bit sweeter (with the most adorable, precious character ever), but still so good!

Four Star Reads

Four Star Reads

Four Star Reads

Three Star Reads

Final Thoughts

That’s it for my July Reading Wrap-Up! All in all, July was a great reading month! All of the books I read last month were wonderful. Even my three star reads were both really good; there were just a couple of things keeping them from four stars. Since I did a lot of rereading in July, I’m going to try to do a bit less in August, but we’ll see. I’m so bad when it comes to rereading my favorites!

So, what about you? How did your July go? Did we read any of the same things? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School is on my library holds list, but the wait is AGES, I guess everyone else wants to read it too!

  2. Great wrap up! I really want to read ‘Loveless’ and ‘Kiss and Tell’! I hadn’t heard about ‘The Coldest Touch’ but I’ve added to my TBR since it seems very interesting.

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