Presidential Chaos (Cover, Blurb & Excerpt Reveal)

Book Title: Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos
Author: Saxon James
Release Date: August 3rd, 2022
Genre: MM College Romance
Tropes: Friends with benefits to lovers, rivals to lovers

There have been so many amazing cover reveals lately, and this newest one is no exception to that! I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with Foreward PR & Marketing in the reveal of the cover for Saxon James’s upcoming release: Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos. This stunning cover was designed by Story Styling Cover Design.



Being President of a frat house means everything is on my shoulders.
Idiot brothers, epic pranks, a list of organizational duties long enough to make my eyes bleed.
None of it fazes me.
But senior year is almost over, and I’m ready to take a step back.
Until the hazing rumors start.
I might not know where they’re coming from, but I know they’re total BS.
Now, instead of dialing back the stress, we’ve broken the number one rule on the row: Don’t get the dean’s attention.
I need to find out who’s driving the lies.
And all evidence points to one person.


I never wanted to become Kappa President.
The appointment was made easier, though, when none other than Zeke Ariston took over Sigma house. I’ve always been … drawn to him. Fascinated.
And maybe a little attracted too.
Pity I’ve never been more than an afterthought to him.
But when rumors start to circulate about hazing, and the sources lead back to my house, it puts me square on Zeke’s radar.
I want to help him get to the bottom of it all.
And with his attention finally on me, I want to tell him how I feel.

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The door to Hush Hush creaks as I open it, then pause and strain my ears. A noise. Fuck. Breathing, and the soft scuff of feet.

Sure, the one time my nerves took a back seat and I messaged him, our hookup is going to be foiled.

Gut sinking, I’m about to back out of the room when a familiar voice fills the darkness.

“That you?”

He’s here.

He’s here first.

In all the times we’ve done this, I’ve always been the one waiting for him.

I swallow back my sudden excitement as I duck inside and close the door. Even though I’m confident with where I’m going, it’s harder to find knowing Zeke is already there waiting.

“It’s me,” I whisper, and strong hands grasp my outstretched arms. He tugs me in so my body collides with his, and a soft oomph puffs from my lips.

His gravelly hum by my ear gives away that he’s smiling. “You messaged me.”

“You said—”

“I did. And I meant it.” He releases his hold to wrap his arms around me. Warm, big hands splay over my back, and I lean in to inhale the smell of chlorine. It centers me and gives my heart that extra incentive to keep beating. “You looked so stressed today.”

I’m rendered speechless by that. We never talk about real life here, not specifics, anyway. Nothing that can remind ourselves of the person we’re actually with. No names, no details. Just a nameless body in the dark. This is all supposed to be a quick transaction before we go back to our lives and pretend this never happened. Like always.

But something’s … off.

Zeke pushes his thigh between my legs, and the contact wakes my cock up. His lips brush my ear as one of his big hands palms my ass, holding me tighter against him. I can’t place what’s changed, but something in the way he’s touching me feels different.

“I was,” I say, only just remembering to answer him. “Everything going on is … a lot.”

“I’ll say.” His voice is warm and soft, like it usually is when we’re here together. The slow, deep tone always sends tremors through me, and tonight is the same.

Instead of fighting them, I let it happen, grinding my cock into his leg as I run my hands over his chest. I’ve seen him shirtless so many times but never while I’ve been touching him. I’d retake my fucking LSATs to have that privilege. To trace his tattoos with my fingertips.

Zeke leans down to suck a spot under my ear, and I tilt my head right back so he has access. His mouth is right there on my skin, and all it would take is a short turn to the left for our mouths to connect. For us to be kissing. Could I do it this time? Have things changed that much?

Before I can do it, Zeke spins us and presses me into the wall. His body blankets mine, one hand lightly cupping my jaw while the other slowly runs from my chest to my hip. He lets out a heavy exhale, and I have no idea what he’s groping when I don’t have muscles like his.

“So tense … Relax …” he murmurs.

“Not exactly easy.”

“Isn’t that what I’m here to help with?”

I tug him closer. “You are good at it.”

“Exactly. Focus on that.”

I’m trying, but while Zeke wrings me out in amazing ways, being with him has me coiled so tight I could burst.

Relax, Chuck.”

I gasp. “Y-you said my name.”

“You said my name last time. And we talked about it yesterday. I can’t separate it now, and it’s totally your fault.”

“So … you’re, umm, picturing me? Right now?”

His chuckle is husky. “I’ll go you one better.” He shifts, and before I know what he’s doing, a light bursts between us.

I flinch at the sudden burn in my eyes, and when my vision clears, I blink up at him. His intense gray stare is trained on me, and he’s placed his phone on the shelf beside us, giving everything sharp shadows that make his face look thinner and harsher. It makes his eyes more intense.

My knees feel weak.

His lips hitch up on one side. “Hi.”

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About the Author

Saxon James unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Member of SCBWI.

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